I've had many occasions to engage the services of 'graphic designers'. I've realized that while many people claim to be 'graphic designers', 'graphic artists', 'digital designers' etc., very few can deliver the goods. They either have an abundance of creativity but don't have the technical skill to execute your vision, or they have all the skill in the world but are sorely lacking in imagination. 


I thank God for Kenyetta and the absolutely beautiful gift God has given her! Since the first creation she put her hands on I have been blessed! 


Instinctually, Kenyetta understands the most important thing that many others miss. She not only listens to my vision, she prays over every vision and seeks God’s face. I can confidently say that she makes an effort to listen to not only my thoughts, but GOD’S direction. Every single thing created by Epiphany Creative Design is clear, detailed, and esthetically inspiring. 

I call Kenyetta my angel because she has literally propelled my ministries and businesses into new territory with her designs. Kenyetta is practical, reliable, and extremely anointed. If you are looking for someone to make your ideas jump off the page and your vision come to life, look no more! Epiphany Creative Design is everything you want and everything you have no idea you need! 



Rachel Burnside-

Herstory Lives Founder